Friday, March 26, 2010

What I like

So I just want to make it clear some of the things that I have been dedicated to over the years of my life. God, family, friends; these are things that are no secret. I mean come on, I live in the south & all of that is very important around here. What Im talking about is my hobbies. What kinda sports do I watch? What are my favorite teams? What wrestling shows do I watch, not watch? Who am I following? So allow me to clear the air, because sometimes it becomes a little fuzzy. Im also gonna list a few of my favorite followers from Twitter. All the ones list you can I tweet numerous times on a daily basis. Believe that. So pay attention & I'll get started.

So Im gonna start this off with a sport that I have watched since I was a little kid, but just mostly just causal viewing. Until 3 years ago. The NBA. Oh how I LOVE the NBA. Good stuff that NBA (and hey, I even sometimes get into a few WNBA games too, good stuff there). As a kid, like many people did back in the 90s, I was a big Bulls fan. I mean who wasn't, right? Today's Bulls are struggling to get back to the place they once were, as a franchise. But its tough when you got peeps like LBJ, Kobe, Melo, Dirk, Howard, Boston's Big 3 + Rondo, etc. NBA was really the only thing other than wrestling I loved as a kid. Now its just about everything. Although I did go through a period where I was a baseball fan, but I enjoyed playing it more than watching the MLB.

Today I have about six teams in the NBA that I cheer for. With only 2 I will cheer for over any others. Listed below are the six teams that I cherish and root for:
1. Boston Celtics
Denver Nuggets
3. Memphis Grizzlies
4. Orlando Magic
5. Miami Heat
6. Sacramento Kings

I listed the Celtics & Nuggets as a tie for one because they are my favorite two. and I hate to pull for one or the other when they are playing. Its always a good time for me, however those games only happen 2 or 3 times a year. Got to see 2 of the meetings this year. Both good games, each dominated one.

The Grizzlies are three because they are the "hometown" team. Closest team to where I live in Mississippi. So I have to get behind them. I mean. I don't, but I do. Orlando goes back to the days of Shaq & Penny Hardaway. Anyone remember him? Good player he was. Plus I love how Superman leads that team. Although I would love for the team to be centered around him, this season they seem to be moving towards Vince Carter. Good addition to the team. Miami is simple, I love watching Dwayne Wade play. I think that team is one more big player away from the NBA Finals and the Championship. Just my opinion. But I bet Shyne would agree with me.

Now for the Kings. OH MAN! I could go on for days. This is a team that I loved back in 99-2003. After the 2002 season(I think), they started getting rid of all their good players to make room. Make room for what you ask? I have no clue. They had a great team, but after coming so close to beating the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals in 2002. They were the number one seed in the west & had the best team I think in the NBA that year. But yet, Kobe denied them and it all started to fall apart. Now I still like the Kings team, even though I don't like the owners. I hate the Maloof Brothers very much. They even tried to take a team that had the rowdiest fans in the league(And most devoted, making every home game a sellout for a long time) at the time. I don't want to write about all they did. It will break my heart again. I will say that Tyreke Evans is the only reason I have still got them on my list. I hate to completely give up on them, cause I have put so much time in them.

On to football, college football is all Florida Gators. Now being from the SEC country, I like all SEC teams. But Florida is top rated in my book. Favorite in college basketball to, just so you know. Also got to give props to Notre Dame. Love the Fighting Irish. Guess its cause Im Irish. Sue me.

NFL, Ravens, Vikings(Favre & Harvin. Harvin is a former Gator. Gotta show love.).Not a huge NFL fan, but Im trying.

Tennis is all Andy Roddick & Maria Sharapova. Yeah, I went there.

Wrestling as we all know, I am all WWE. Will be probably the rest of my life. Not TNA. Not anymore. There stuff just pisses me off to much. Hate it.

ROH! (Call me)

OK so that is all your getting, cause I am just tired of doing this. Taking to long. Till next time remember, "Sometimes Chaos is the only Answer..."

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