Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Strikeforce Challenger Series

Just to give a little info on the tournament that strikeforce is having tomorrow night on the challenger series. The 4 women in question are Miesha "Takedown" Tate, Hitomi Akano, Carina Damm, & Maiju Kujala. Now I do not know much about any of these women, so I did the responsible thing adn did some research on them all. First one I looked into was Miesha Tate.

Now I have seen Miesha fight Sara Kaufman a few months ago from a fight that took place back in may of 09. It was the first time the Kaufman was taken the distance in a fight. Which was pretty awesome. Kaufman is an amazing female fighter & Tate took all she had & wouldn't stay down in the first round. Second round Tate dominated with take downs & wrestling in the cage. Third round Tate tried to keep up the work with the take downs as it worked in the second but she was to tired after the hard work in the fight & Kaufman won by decision. Skip ahead to March of this year when Tate took on Zoila Frausto. Tate had worked more on her standing game, which was obvious in the first round. But the second round Frausto nailed some impressive front kicks. Once it went to the mat it looked to be all but over & it was onloy a matter of time before Tate won it with an armbar. Tate is very impressive & I can't wait to see her fight on Friday night.

Second round of that fight can be see here:

The other 3 fighters were hard to find good, quality fights. Also, the ones I saw, unless I over looked one, were not in English. Of course, I am backing the only American in the tournament. May be biased, but I don't have time to put in the effort like I need to. With the internet being unpredictable, its hard to do a lot of video research, which with MMA is what is best. But still tune in, because im sure it is going to be a hell of a night of action. Should be great.

Also real quick, I started a hashtag on twitter called #ItShouldBeAManLaw. Got the idea from Jimmy Fallon, who is always doing all sorts of different hashtags on twitter. So if you have any good ones, tweet them to the world & try to mention my name @theanswerchaos &/or @jimmyfallon so he will see them & hopefully it will make his show. Would be really awesome if that could happen...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

TNA Impact 08-05-2010

So as I prepare for the first time ever to actually blog while I am watching TNA Impact, I thought I would share some thoughts before hand about last week. First off, the Hogan coming into the ring thing with the ECW guys was dumb. I mean hell must have frozen over. Apparently Hogan is not to thrilled about the whole ECW thing taking over a ppv. But I assume he realizes that this is something the fans wants to see & this could possibly get new fans to tune in to watch a TNA ppv. I really hope and pray that after this ppv that the wrestling world will let ECW lay to rest. I love ECW, don't get me wrong. But the more they keep bringing it back, the more it is hurting the legacy of ECW as a whole. The blood, sweat, and tears that a lot of guys who are forgotten about will be pissed about cause they are not even getting an invite to this show. How could they do that? Cause they are going to hurt it & only trying to further their own legacy instead of doing it justice. Anyway, the show is starting now. reviewing what happened last week. Great ending with Raven though. Although that was predictable. The licking of Dreamer's face was disturbing though. Really Scott? I mean really? OK then.

Show opens with fireworks as usual & hype of the ppv. Tonight is Abyss & Raven vs RVD & Dreamer. Few familiar faces in the locker room today from what Taz says.

Tommy Dreamer comes to the ring as the announcers let it be known that Dreamer vs Raven is happening at the ppv. Dreamer calls out Raven, who by the way has always had a very suiting entrance music throughout his whole TNA career. Dreamer asks why? Dreamer breaks kayfabe. Now crowd is chanting "Uncle Scotty" at Raven. Thanks Dreamer. Raven says Dreamer stole his girl, talking about Beulah. Says those kids should be his. Says she should be his. He will never forgive him for that. (Now only all the old school ECW fans know how bad this feud was in the ECW days. Explanation of it can not do it justice. But I may try to do it tonight later.) Wow. Raven says his wife is going to be calling him daddy after he releases some hard justice of his own. Dreamer hits Raven, Abyss out, then RVD out with a chair. Raven gives Dreamer the Evenflow DDT on the stage. You see, the Evenflow DDT is what he called it in ECW. Not the Raven Effect. Then Foley comes out with the barbwire bat to hit Raven. Foley announces he is the special ref for the match at the ppv between Raven & Dreamer.

MCMG vs Beer Money in an Ultimate X amtch. Ric Flair vs Jay Lethal in a street fight, and if Fortune gets involved than Flair is gone for 90 days. Plus the main even announced already. The Beautiful People comes out now set for action. The Knockouts tag team champs are set to defend the belts tonight against Taylor & Hamada next as Impact goes to break.

Come back to see Taylor & Hamada come to the ring. Velvet spouting off that this is her title. (NOTE: I am not giving a full play by play of all the wrestling. I can't keep up and not even going to try.) Lacey does hit a few good moves though. No chain wrestler in there though. Lots of double teaming by TBP. Lacey looks lost in the ring with Hamada. Taylor comes in & drops her on her head. All 4 women in the ring now. Challengers have upper hand. Madison comes out on stage & the motorcycle woman comes through the crowd again. Velvet slaps the hell out of Slick Johnson. Damn. Sorry bro. The woman in black hands Lacey a chair and she sets it up perfectly to get dropkicked into her face. Slick gets up and counts OVER the chair, I mean come on. I know you have a job to do, but the chair was right there. I blame Taylor for not sliding the chair out of the ring. Anyway, new KO tag team champs are Taylor & Hamada. Madison is upset, & Velvet is having a cow about losing the belts. Wonder what will happen later on in the show from this.

A.J. Styles to defend the newly christened Television Title against Rob Terry tonight as well. We come back from break & this is the match that is about to happen. Ref tells Kaz to leave, then Styles tells Earl Hebner to leave. Haha. Good stuff. Terry all over Styles. Let's see how much better a wrestler he is now. Looks to me like his ring psychology has gotten better. Ok this is funny stuff. Total heel by Styles. Only like 5 or 6 moves in the match by Styles. 450 gets the win. Still a nice looking 450 he has.

Move on to Kurt Angle in a taped segment. Now Jay Lethal from "earlier today" talking about Flair and the match tonight. Back from commercial as they hype next week's show on Spike. Need to hype it more. Brawl being broke up in the back with Madison & Velvet. Velvet throws Lacey into a loading box of some sort and Lacey is hurt. Velvet says truce my ass and then realizes she hurt Lacey. Checks on her while asking for help. Beer Money vs the Guns in the next match of the best of 5 series. Lots of BS talk before the match, which will probably end up being a good thing. Chris Sabin gets on the mic after Roode is done & gets intense. I love it. Its about damn time TNA pushes them like this. I just hate to say, if I had to bet, I would bet that Beer Money ends up winning the 5th match. Lots of back & forth action in this one. These 4 men are proving why they are the 2 best tag teams that are on a main stage in the US. Sabin's hesitation dropkick is still amazing looking. Robert Roode is bleeding again. This guy has got to love the sight of his own blood. Robert Roode looking a little shaky on that top rope but finally gets on the cables making his way to the X to get cut off. Sabin been on the floor for a while now. Until now, climbing up. I have mentioned it before, the only person I have ever seen do a spinebuster as good as Roode is of course Arn Anderson & Triple H. Crowd chating "THIS IS AWESOME!" & I would have to agree. Sliced Bread #2 on the apron by Shelley to Storm. Roode is walking on top of the ropes and Sabin knocks him off to get the X and win the match. 2-2 now going into either the ppv or next week's huge show on Spike. Hogan & Bischoff making their way out to address the fans. To talk about the show next week I assume.

So the bigheads, I means egomaniacs, make their way out to the ring. They make a nice run down of the show next week. I will list all the going ons later. Nash comes out upset that he is not mentioned for the show, & Hogan says he needs to realize he is out & the young guns are in. Nash throws down Eric & beats on Hogan after he takes a few shots from Hogan. Nash with a chair now. Jarrett comes in to save Hogan Now Sting comes in wearing red face paint & attacks Jarrett. Sting with a chair shot to Hogan. One would have to assume that this means that TNA is putting the Wolfpac back together. I kinda like it, but just hope that this doesn't turn into the nWo red & black. Let them just redo the Main Event Mafia. I mean that is at least a TNA idea & concept.

As we come back from break Christy Hemme found Nash & Sting but they just walk away. Now we have Da Pope vs Orlando Jordan. Not really into this. Love Da Pope, but not so hot on Jordan. Good wrestler, but I like don't like the gimmick. Not hating on him for being a bisexual, but come on man, leave it in the bedroom. I never like any of these gimmicks over the years. Even though they do get over very well, as long as you have the right person doing them. Pope wins. Now Matt Morgan comes out & attacks Da Pope. Now hears comes Anderson with a chair. Why has everyone got a chair tonight?

Flair interview, just a basic Flair interview. Use your imagination.

Flair vs Lethal on now & I really think that this match could have main evented the show. Do I even need to comment on the match? I mean really. It was good, till the whole stripping thing. Flair wins cause of the interference of Douglas Williams. Explain that? Gladly. Flair went around the rules to make sure he won. There. Explained. Of course this should set up a thing between Williams and Lethal. Should be good for the X Division. They need a better feud than they have had.

OK so RBD actually had a pretty bad promo until Jerry Lynn came up & said he was the champs opponent.

Main event time as Raven & Abyss vs RVD & Dreamer. You know this Sunday is gonna be the 3rd time the Raven & Dreamer have had a "final" match to settle the score. Dreamer wins everytime. Raven needs to win this one. Taz is trying to catch everyone up on the whole ECW angle that started the Raven/Dreamer feud. RVD & Dreamer win. DDT by Dreamer on Raven followed by a 5 Star Frog Splash. Abyss attacks after the match. Stevie comes out, Abyss takes him out. Same with Rhino. Now 3D comes out. Raven gets 3D with chair shots. Again with the chair. Lights go out and the SANDMAN is in the ring swinging his cane. Takes out Raven & then Abyss. Rest of the EV 2.0 guys stand up. Mick Foley now comes out &he ain't coming alone. Coming out with him is Jerry Lynn with Al Snow and Simon Diamond (kayfabe) carrying a cooler. Has to be beer in it but TNA goes off the air before they get to the ring. Everyone excited about the Sandman coming in.

So the hype for the ppv comes with a video package to hype the ppv. Not a good "go home show" but it could have been worse. They were trying to tie 2 go home shows into one. Cause of the ppv and cause of the huge show next week. The line up for next week includes an open challenge that Jeff Hardy has made for anyone in the wrestling world. Chris Chaos is not accepting before anyone gets that idea. Plus for the Knockouts Title its Madison Rayne putting the gold on the line against Angelina Love again. This time I expect Angel to win by help of Velbet & they put the original band back together. Then a 3 way match that sees Matt Morgan v Da Pope v Anderson. Then we will see match 5 of the best of 5 series between the Guns & Beer Money in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Kurt Angle vs A.J. Styles in what will probably be a non title match. And of course the main event of RVD defending against Abyss in what they are calling the Stairway to Janice match. A play on the ECW match Stairway to Hell that was done a few times back in the day. Of course they never tell you these things. Gotta leave it to people like me to explain it. All in all looks like a really great show. I really can't wait for it. But its not live, & its not commercial free so I still think TNA has screwed themselves in this case. That is a ppv lineup there & they are giving the ppv time to do this ECW reunion, which will not draw the numbers that TNA has been doing in the past few months. And they been doing some pretty low numbers. Go check. Its not pretty. So they are going to give away for free what they should be doing on ppv & doing on ppv what they should be doing for free. Makes perfect sense. at least as far as TNA goes. Cause they still just don't get it. And it looks like they never will fully get it either...