Sunday, January 24, 2010

NFL Picks

Just for everyone's knowledge, my NFL piucks for the week are Colts over the Jets, and the Vikings over the Saints (which I predict is going to be a shootout). Love the Saints, but I am a Favre fan first. Hate to have to go against them. I just think Favre has more reliable weapons. Brees has more weapons, but not more reliable ones. Jut the way I see it. Short and sweet today. Update later on...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Introduced, Promoted, Gone

So after many months on twitter getting to know some very cool people (my cool people blog post will come later on in the very near future, cause you need to follow these people too), I came across this one chick. WrestleBunny ( Cool chick. Huge wrestling fan, but even bigger TNA fan. Which is cool to see. Anyway, she has some cool tweets and does a lot of videos for youtube ( She did a video a few days ago asking fans of TNA to choose 3 people; 1 to be introduced to TNA, 1 to be promoted in TNA, and the last 1 to be gone or fired from TNA. I watched it, didn't think much about it. But then I watched it again. Got me to thinking, so now I present to you Introduced, Promoted, & Gone from TNA. These are views expressed by Chris Chaos and Chris Chaos alone. However if you disagree with these views, who cares? No asked you and I will get Panda to slap you. (Refer to WrestleBunny to understand that one, and then get slapped for not knowing...)

Introduced - After much deliberation, and a smoke, I have decided that there is one clear cut choice for this answer. Teddy Hart. The nephew of Hall of Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart and one of the last members from the TRUE Hart Dynasty. Anyone who has seen this dude wrestle knows how great he is at what he does. I mean if you need any convincing then check out this video:
Dude is also great on the stick, which according to Hogan is something that everyone needs to be great at. Case in point: but be forewarned that he a very unique delivery, probably no one likes him and definitely the reason everyone should.
Also he has a passion for the business. Need proof, well okay then:
Teddy Hart, yeah, he needs to be in there. Forget about his past "incidents" and just do the right thing. Teddy Hart is going to be a living legend, if he doesn't kill himself entertaining the fans first. Dude is crazy, but guaranteed to leave everything he has in the ring. Better believe that.

Promoted: the Motor City Machine Guns. Think about, who on TNA put on the best matches every time they get in the ring? Who works the hardest to make sure the fans get what they paid for? Ok, i know what your thinking. So does Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. But let's be real for a minute. How much more can they be promoted without owning TNA? I mean come on. The Guns also get put in matches to make others look good. Case in point the match they just had on TV last week against the debuting Young Bucks, or Generation ME as they are now going by in TNA. How awesome was that match? No video proof needed here, as anyone who knows and follows TNA can attest, they are two of the most under rated guys there. Even when it looks like they are getting a push, there is no build up for it. Anyone remember the 2 tag title matches they had last year on PPV? If you do I'm surprised. The first one was turned into a triple threat that had no point of them even being in there, and the second one was just booked very badly. I think point made on this one.

Gone: Lacey Von Erich. For someone who comes from a wrestling family with a great tradition and legacy, you wouldn't know it by the way she walks around TNA. Rumor has it that this whole wrestling thing is a joke to her. Which makes sense seeing you never see her in the ring. She is only there to make the other 2 look good. Which she does. Did anyone see her debut in TNA? She looked horrible. And weak. I thought "the Claw" thing was a nice touch, but she even made that look horrible. And hasn't done it since, which is probably a good thing. She has only been in one match on TV since then that I can recall and was only in there for maybe 15 seconds top. She took no bumps, and the only moves she did was choking someone in the corner. That and tossing her hair back. Guess she wants to be Maryse. Anyway, I would think that if anyone, she would be taking this job seriously. I mean there has got to be maybe 1000 women wrestlers that would love to be in her spot. Hopefully this thing between Angel and TBP turns into TNA firing her and Angel taking back her place in TBP. But who knows.

So that is it. Its fairly simply, at least to me. I mean, for those 3 questions, those 3 answers stands WAY out to me. But what do I know. I only have wrestling in my blood...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sports Sunday and the TNA Situation...

So I can't even sit here and come up with a title for this, but maybe I can have one by the time I get all my thoughts out.

Yesterday was a pretty big in sports. The NFL playoffs are heating up leading to the divisional championships next week, and all 4 games had so much importance placed on them. Plus for all the action sports junkies out there (which I am as well), the second stop on the Dew Tour was held over the weekend, getting everyone amped for the Winter X Games im sure, as well as the Winter Olympics. Also, for the tennis freaks out there (again that is me to), the Australian Open started last night. Only 2 NBA games last night, which is good for me cause so much else was going on. And finally the TNA Genesis PPV was last night as well, featuring the return to pay per view of Hulk Hogan. TNA will be discussed in length I assure you. But first im just gonna hit a few highlights of everything else. A very slim highlight of everything else mind you, this TNA thing is what I really want to talk about.

I'll start with the NFL Playoffs on Saturday. First game on tap was a disappointing (to me) loss handed to the Baltimore Ravens by the Indianapolis Colts, 20-3. Words can't describe how I feel about the progress I thought the team had, which resulted in a loss. The Ravens D played hard all game. And this game could have easily went the other way. Ray Rice had a pretty decent game, but had a few slips. In the end those few slips cost the Ravens maybe 21 points and the win. It hurts to have a year end like that, but I think the fact they made the playoffs and did something no other team has done for 30 years against the Pats is still a good run. But what do I know.

Second game was the Saints beating the Cardinals at home 45-14. Glad the Saints are still in it, but not really happy about the next game they gotta play. As a football fan I am, but as I Saints fan I am kinda nervous. Nothing much I want to report here except for how big a day Reggie Bush had. Goo look at his numbers. Crazy. Again only highlights as I got a lot to cover. But I will say the punt return for a TD was very nice. Kinda sealed the game for me.

Vikings beat the Cowboys 34-3 in a blowout that many fans thoughts the Cowboys would win. Sorry Romo, you had an off day at the worst time of the season. But they did get a playoff win for the first time in 13 years, so is that not a win for the season since its all said & done? I think so.

Last game was the Jets beating the Chargers 17-14 which the Chargers should have won. Im not even gonna get into this game, cause of the Chargers fan that just might read this. Sorry guys. Look to next year, all you can do.

So next weekend we have the games as follows:
Vikings @ Saints
Jets @ Colts

Im taking the Colts, & I want to take the Saints, but there is just something special about that Vikings team. Maybe its Favre. Always been a fan. Maybe its Percy Harvin, seeing how I gotta rep Gatornation. Who knows, still like that team though. I will make a pick later in the week.

As far as the Dew Tour goes, im only gonna say one name: DANNY DAVIS. Look it up. Totally awesome.

I want to also hit a non-sports subject here, Conan O'Brien. This is his last week host the Tonight Show. This is the news that has kept me angry at NBC. I really want to boycott everything NBC, but that really just can't happen. Tom much going on with NBC or the other networks they own. Most notably Chuck on NBC, where the fans are having to fight to keep this show alive. Also USA network, which I watch a lot of during the week, not to mention watching Raw. Which I will do tonight. All I want to say is to Mr. Zucker. You suck. Do the RIGHT thing, forget about Leno, give Conan and the people what they want.

As for tennis goes, my favorites are Maria Sharapova from Russia and Andy Roddick from the States. Maria lost last night in the opening round of the Australian, which blows my mind. Roddick wins in straight sets though, so I am relatively happy as far as tennis goes for now. Still can't believe Maria lost. What a drag.

Nuggets win last night over the Utah Jazz 119-112. Didn't see most of it, but I still like the way Denver is playing. Carmelo is beasting it up on the hardwood. If he can stay healthy, he is going to make a serious run for the MVP this year. Also the Nuggets should get back to the Western Conference Finals against the Lakers, if all goes right in the world of the NBA. Future blog coming sometime before the All Star break that is going to be all NBA. Look forward to it.

Its Monday, which means an all new Chuck is on tonight on that network that doesn't know how to do things properly.

Now, on to TNA. After watching most of the ppv last night, I want to hit on a few things as this Hogan situation (not to be confused with "The Situation" from Jersey Shore). Hogan has decided to do a lot of changing up of TNA. So im gonna try to list the big ones from last night, but if I miss one let know and I will fix it.
1. Replaced the 6-sided ring with a regular 4-sided one.
2. Ken "Don't Call Me Kennedy" Anderson debuts.
3. Brian Kendrick.
4. Jeremy Borash being taken off TV.
5. Tag Title Situation.
6. Knockouts Title match.
7. Reaction to the fans.
8. AJ/Kurt/Flair
Im going to hit on these in no particular order from how I listed them.

First thing, Jeremy Borash being taken of TV is dumb, unless he is using this time to take a little vacation. Which I think he deserves. No one works harder on and off camera to get the point across. He is golden. Now he is a little annoying at time, but he does have a cult-like following. So he's not all bad.
The Knockouts title was just funny from where I sit. It was different, having Tara win the belt in 2 consecutive falls instead of losing one and winning two. 2 ou tof 3 falls matches are hard to do right a lot of times. Fans used to love these matches back in the day, but I don't know if they do so much now. Anyway, I think giving the title back to Tara after her losing it on the live Impact 2 weeks ago was kinda pointless. But then at the same time not. It made sense, but not. I liked it, but I didn't. Confused? I am to.
The Tag Title thing kinda rips at me cause I love tag team wrestling, and it seems that TNA is doing the same thing WWE has done in the past by just putting two guys together and giving them the belts. This can be done right, but in wrestling today, its done to much. Not a fan of this decision when the Motor City Machine Guns, who have a cult like following, fail to win th titles a month earlier. A match that had no build up at all. Neither did this one really.
Brian Kendrick came out last night and just looked like he didn't care at all about milking the moment. Which is probably what he was told to do, but I think in this situation (again, not to be confused with that other guy) he should have.
Ken Anderson coming into TNA I am a big fan of, I love his stuff. His in ring works is really good, as long as he has someone well to mesh with. However, this whole "lets do the same thing I did in WWE cause it was over like a mofo there and can get over just as well here" gimmick that he is doing I am not a fan of. That is just a big middle finger to Vince, which they are going for, but if not careful will slapped with a lawsuit for gimmick infringement. This is something TNA can not have right now. No way. TNA will die if that happens. And Vinny Mac is just the guy to do that.
AJ Styles and Kurt Anfle again put on a clinic. Expect nothing else. The sour note from this match could have been the ending though with AJ apparently turning heel and having Flair as his mentor. I really think this is a good idea and this is going to bring Sting back into the fold. So I am a fan of this already, although I know most fans are going to hate it at first, they will come around. AJ does great as a heel. This will be even better than he has ever done, because now he has Flair in his ear. Who by the way is one of the greatest heels of all time. Im just saying. Look it. Some of the things Flair has done, PRICELESS.
Now, on to the biggie. Hulk Hogan has done away with the 6-sided ring.

I know you needed a moment to gather your thoughts, so there it was. Pay close attention to what I am about to say. IT WAS A SMART MOVE! I know, I can't believe I just said that either. But Hogan is doing the one thing he needs to be doing right now. He is getting people to talk about TNA. Whether it is TNA fans or wrestling fans in general. It was a smart business decision to get rid of it. Now, does that mean I agree with it. No. I don't. I think TNA needed that ring to help them show how different they are. But I understand it coming from a business standpoint. It makes perfect sense. He needs people talking about TNA. Hogan said last night, "6 sides only got you so far..." which I agree with. Now personally I liked the 6-sided ring. It was innovative, even if they did steal the idea from AAA in Mexico (along with the steel asylum they also stole, but just made it smaller). Hogan is trying to take TNA, and the wrestling world back to when wrestling was pure. I don't know that its gonna work though, cause I think to much damage has been done by Vinny Mac. Old school fans are going to see that ring and immediately not like it because it is not a true wrestling ring. Which it wasn't. That was the point. I think Hogan dicked the wrestlers on that more than he did the fans though, because non of the wrestlers knew that was happening until it already happened. I just wonder what the buzz about it was in the locker room last night & if the wrestlers are really pissed about it. I mean, you got no wrestlers, you got no show. And not just anybody can get in the ring and put on a show like the TNA wrestlers have the past 7 years. If the wrestlers unionize and say they are not willing to make that change just yet, who knows what is gonna happen. Im gonna be interested to see how this unfolds, now that I have given it some thought. Hogan trying to draw the fans back in after they were told change is happening and they better get used to it was funny. Then he cut a promo on Vince. Which I still think is dumb. I mean if memory serves me correct, and it usually does on wrestling history (and i dare someone to challenge me on that), didn't they do the same thing in WCW? And didn't WCW get bought out by Vince? Think about that. Going to war is one thing, but standing in a ring calling out the other promotion is not right. That is not a smart business decision. But like I said, it going to interesting to see where this goes from here. TNA will most likely make the move to Monday nights, but I think if they were smart, and Spike TV as well, they would still put on a show on Thursdays. That is smart.

Now I know a few people that is going to disagree with me on some of this, but I think that if you really sit down and think about it, its not all that bad. I mean the business has to change to progress. It has to. IT HAS TO. Hogan knows that. I just hope he makes everything progress and not give us WCW in a new box...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Random Chaos...

This is used as a time for the random goings on in my life right now. So bare with me. Im gonna make a point at the end. Or at least I am going to try to make a point.

First thing I feel as if I need to get off my chest, the first 3 episodes of Chuck's 3rd season was nothing short of amazing. Im so pumped for the 4th episode this Monday. This show is absolutely fantastic. How many times do I have to say it? As many as needed to get the point across. Awesome! Got it?

Now on to NBC. The same network that airs Chuck (which also canceled Chuck before the fans spoke out, see the below blog) has decided that the experiment with having Jay Leno at a 10/9 ct time slot with his show is just not working out. So NBC, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to move his show back to 11:35/10:35 ct and moving the tonight show to after midnight. WTF? Then it would not be the tonight show. It would be the morning show. This is dumb. Apparently, Leno has already signed a new deal and he is moving back. But Conan is not happy. In fact he said that if it goes through, he will not continue on with the Tonight Show. Can't say that I blame him. Leno passed on the torch and now he is trying to come back to reclaim his old position. This is why NBC is a laughing stock. Tremendous support has been shown with with everyone taking jabs at them. Especially Conan. Jimmy Kimmel has taken many stabs at Leno, but I secretly think he is just doing it to get ratings. His show is on against the last half hour of Conan's. Anyway, a friend told me last night that Conan's last taping is going to be next Friday. B/S! NBC is going to loose big on this one. That is my prediction.

Is it Monday yet? Im ready for Chuck.

The wrestling world has somewhat been turned upside down, or at least the start of the turning upside is upon us. TNA is trying to go to war with WWE. They got guts. I still think its a smart business decision, being that I have a degree in business (or will in May). TNA has been putting on show for over 7 years. They needed to take that shot. Timing was pretty good for this I think. They just needed to do it right. Bringing in Hogan to fight with them is the perfect way to do it. I don't know that I like everything going on storyline wise there just yet, but only time can change my mind. With the Genesis ppv this weekend, things should really to start unfolding nicely. Let's all hope so. A wrestling war is going to make not just TNA better, but WWE as well. Seeing how WWE is going to be starting the setup for Wrestlemania with the Royal Rumble coming up at the end of the month. Only time will tell how this goes. I for am still excited to see how things go.

NFL playoffs are in the second week this weekend. Last weekend was pretty much a blowout week. I mean 3 of the 4 games were blowouts. Biggest shocker of a blowout was the Baltimore Ravens blowing out the New England Patriots. WOW! I mean who saw that coming? It was pretty great for me though, as I am a Ravens fan. Only non-blowout game was the Cardinals @ the Packers last week. This game was an offensive battle. The defenses for both teams pretty much sucked it up. I mean think about it, either 91 or 96 points scored all together. Can't remember. Cars win, with a lot of luck, and I do mean A LOT of luck, in overtime. Jets wins as well as the Cowboys. Cowboys was no shocker to me, but now people are putting to much stock in them I think. They are good, but not that good.
This week's games are as follows:
Cardinals @ Saints
Ravens @ Colts
Cowboys @ Vikings
Jets @ Chargers
So this week's games look really good on paper. Ravens definitely have the best shot of knocking out a top seeded team. Ravens did it last year. They also have a very good record on the road in the playoffs. Plus coming off that game last week and the fact that the Colts starters haven't played in a game in a month, this could be a disappointing weekend for all Colts fans. Sorry Shyne, but these things happen from time to time. BUt if the colts win, its not gonna be that big a deal to me. Im just happy they got in the playoffs in the first place. But if they could make it to the Superbowl, yeah, that would be pretty awesome. And they can do it. Just gonna take a little work & a lot of rushing the ball. Maybe a few miracles by Flacco. But Rice is gonna have to come up BIG. In other games, I see all the other top seeds winning. Not without a lot of work though. my picks: Chargers, Saints, Vikings, and Ravens. Just my thoughts on it though.

Also I gotta hit the fact that school has started back for me, my last semester. THANK GOD! Can't thank God enough for getting me this far. I can only do so much. Passing a few of the classes I did took a miracle. And I got some. Just hope I haven't used them all up. Looks like I might need a few already. I don't think I wil need a miracle to pass everything this time, but just the help to get to the end. This last semester is going to be so jam packed, I can already feel it. But bring it on, cause there ain't nothing I can't accomplish with a little help. That has been proven constantly.

Well I am out peeps. Hit me up and give me some ideas on things to ramble on for next time. Send me a shout either in my email at of follow me on twitter at So hit me up...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chuck: the Fans vs NBC

So anyone that is keeping up with me on twitter or facebook, they will tell you that I have spent the last few weeks obsessing over the TV series Chuck that comes on NBC. Chuck is that show that represents something a lot guys wish was their life. Being a CIA spy and having a smoking hot CIA agent as your girlfriend. Even if this one happens to be a pretend one. Even though its not so much one. This show, in my opinion as well as millions more, is probably the best show on TV right now. The fact is, it almost ended right before our eyes. Late last season it was announced that Chuck had been canceled after season 2. Whether it was canceled or just not renewed, it all means the same thing to fans. There would be no more Chuck. And just when it was starting to kick some serious ass.

Move to the night of the season 2 finale. A lot of Chuck fans had already been given the news that the series was not being brought back for a 3rd season. Many fans flocked to Subway on that night, one of the main sponsors of the show. It was kind of a ground movement with Subway to get the show renewed. It worked. Fans demonstrated that they can get things done, by banding together and focusing for a common goal. SAVE CHUCK! Glad it worked. The season 2 finale was a decent show up to the point after Ellie, Chuck's sister, gets married to Captain Awesome. Then things heat up and the story moves forward as if the next season was going to happen. Which now it is.

I think it is the appropriate time for everyone to go to this link:
This is going to catch everyone up on anything they might have missed. I decided to just add the link instead of explaining it all myself. I think Give Me My Remote ( did a better job explaining it then I could. Videos are included, but a very detailed explanation is also given, for those that can't watch the videos.

Chuck season 3 begins tonight on NBC. A special 2-hour premiere starts at 9/8c! You better believe I am going to be watching. The question now is, will you...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Texas & Bama...

After watching the National Championship for college football I am left with two different opinions. I live the SEC but I hate Alabama. No real dilemma though. I pulled for Texas to win the title for two reasons. The first was that I picked Florida and Texas to play for the title. Florida because the Gators are my favorite college team, no matter what sport, and Texas because I felt like they were cheated last year. Well Florida loses to Alabama but Texas makes it. BARELY. Its cool though. The second reason I pulled for Texas cause I don't like Alabama. But I already covered that.

Two big things caught my eye during this game (besides that Mark Ingram is a beast). The game might have went differently had Colt not went down. Still looks bogus to me, but whatever. The second was that Alabama still has no class. Its not enough for them to win, but taunting the other team, while the game is still going on is not something I approve of. That would be reason #1 I don't like Bama. Oh well. Some people are just like that.

In all honesty, Bama is going to be the team to beat next year in the SEC, maybe in the whole BCS. Who knows? They could be back next year playing for a national title. It does help the SEC that they won though, which I guess is why some of the most hardcore Gator fans I know were cheering for Bama tonight. Anything for the SEC I guess. Im neither for or against this. So whatever happens, happens.

But I will always be a Florida Gator! Nothing will ever change that...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TNA did not impress tonight, not me anyway...

So I figured that I would critique the firsts Impact of the New Year. Not to mention is a 3 hour show with Hulk Hogan making his first appearance. After 25 years of life and being a wrestling fan, I have decided that since this was “the biggest night in TNA history,” I would examine the whole show and see what we really have with Hogan coming in and taking charge. Now be fore warned that I am writing this from the notes I took while watching the show. I am a big TNA fan, but feel that three is a lot they can improve on. Too bad for them they didn’t improve on anything with this show.

TNA goes live and they show a flashback montage of the last 7 years. All the way back to the first show. Then Mike & Tazz hype the “card” that has been presented. Here is where the mistakes by TNA come. First, why tell people you are going to have these matches and then not have them? And why even say your gonna have a Barbed Wire match against 2 guys that have not wrestled each other in over 2 years. Makes not sense.

Needless to say the Barbed Wire & Full Metal Mayhem matches don’t happen.
They start off the show quickly with the Steel Asylum for the X Title. Nice start. And yes Tony Dabbs, that is a smart booking decision. However the match is more spot fest, which is always entertaining, but could be better. Alex Shelley even goes to climb the “structure” and no one goes after him. Did they forget that if he gets out of the asylum than he wins? So he has to sit and wait for someone to try to pull him down. Then Homicide pulls out a police baton and starts beating the hell out of people. DQ. WTF? Is this not a cage match? Thought there was no dq? The fans chant & I quote: “THIS IS BULLSH*T! THIS IS BULLSH*T!!!” I totally agree.

Then Jeff Hardy comes out, which pisses me off cause he goes back to TNA after how they done him before. WHAT? Is he high again? I mean he has to be. To me it makes no sense. Someone have him call me to explain it. Cause I don’t get it.

Cut to the Beautiful People playing poker. Made them out to be stupid and skanky. Not a fan of this.

ODB & Tara for the KO Titles should have been a classic 10-12 minute match. But they only got 3 minutes. WTF? That is horrible. What is TNA thinking? I mean come on. 3 minutes for a match in which the pride of the company, being the Knockouts, are being displayed. Morons.

Ric Flair shows up. Great, now its looking more and more like WCW to me.

30 minutes into this and its very lackluster.

Now they deny Foley in. Gotta be continuing the storyline. Then Lashley comes out and says he wants out of his TNA contract. Well actually he didn’t say a word. His wife did. She looked like she knew exactly what she was doing. Got some major heat. Always a fan of that though.

Hal & Waltman show up. Looking even more like WCW. Or the nWo maybe.

Hogan comes out finally after an hour of B/S. A lot of time was wasted in between the Tara/ODB match and this. Mindless dribble kind of stuff. The Hogan entrance happened about 3 minutes before Raw went live. Which I saw coming. They don’t want people changing over to see Bret when Hulk has something more important to say. I liked his entrance into the studio area though. Police escort, very nice. Hulk doesn’t get to say much before Hall and Waltman jump the guard rail, after they finally got in. Hulk tells them to get in the ring for more time wasting, and pandering kinda stuff. Hogan says “its time to grow up, its time to do the right thing for this business.” Agreed. Nash comes out. Eric Bischoff comes out and pretty much tells them how things are going to be. “Everybody has to got to earn their position in this company.” Cool. Eric then says the format for the show is not what they think it is going to be. Changing everything already huh?

Sting is shown in the rafters. Only once and he never made an actual “appearance” in the ring during the show.

Knockouts Tag Title match. Nicely done. Very physical. They actually gave them 9 or 10 minutes. Could have been more, but ok for what they needed in this match. Motor City Machine Guns are shown beat down in the back during the match.

Cut back to the Beautiful People playing poker. Sean Morely shows up; Val Venis for those who don’t know.

They promote TNA Epics only once from what I can remember.

Raven/Dr. Stevie vs Hernandez/Matt Morgan was a joke. Barely even 35 seconds. Could have been a good match.

Pope does a great interview. Orlando Jordan shows up kinda randomly while Pope is explaining why him and Wolfe is going have a good match. Pope vs Wolfe was given like 8 minutes maybe and they had a great match for it being only 8 minutes. TNA should have spent more time with actual wrestling and not all these backstage things. Wrestling fans want wrestling.

Jeff Jarrett comes in the building, Rhino is beat down in the back, looks more like nWo to me. They change the planned AJ Styles/Kurt Angle match for the ppv to tonight, which might save the show.

Double J comes out, says they will take over the world. Love to see Jeff’s passion in this promo. Hulk cuts him off and says that he has no power anymore. Jeff needs to get in line like everyone else. More storyline stuff. Good to see they are actually trying to work some storyline material into the show. After this Foley gets in.

Abyss vs Samoa Joe is next. Something we have never seen. Like it. Not given a lot of time though and then Abyss taps. Makes the “Monster” look way weak. They cut to Sting in the back during this. No reason. They just do it.

Ms. Lashley confronts Eric. She has attitude and im loving this. Very nicely done.
Beer Money laid out now. Stupid. People get beat up and they do nothing with it. Maybe nest week.

Nasty Boys throughout the whole thing is dumb. They are WAY over the hill. Why are they there? This is what I thought would happen when Hogan took over. All these old guys coming back in and killing all the new stars in the business.

Angle cuts an intense promo. Always good. No one can argue that fact.

Jeff Hardy & Shannon Moore moment was dumb. Nice car Jeff was driving though.

AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle needs no explanation. A wrestling clinic for sure. But what else would you expect from these two.

Show ends with Foley getting to his office and find Bischoff. What a good ending though as Hall and Waltman beat him down. Hulk wakes in & is disgusted I guess. Way to up close shot of Hogan as they go off.

All in all the show in my opinion sucked. They spent to much time trying to “build” stuff for the future and not enough time trying to showcase the talent, which has always been TNA’s problem. They are never gonna be the “number one wrestling company” as Hogan said doing things like this way. They need better booking and better ways of showcasing the talent. At the end of the day, the talent is what is going to make them great. TNA has a loyal following and I will continue to watch, as long as Hogan doesn’t continue to let things go on like this. Hogan is saying all the right things at this point, but only time will tell whether or not he goes through with what he is saying. Im all for bettering the business and I think TNA can do it. I, as many others, want the days of the WWE/WCW war to return. But I do NOT want the same guys trying to recreate history. Let the guys in TNA create their own history. That way the fans really are the winners...