Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So this is TNA....

So I have decided to finally crawl out of the hole I have been in the past month plus and talk about something that is one of the focal parts of my life. That would be wrestling, in case you are new here. I want to apologize in advance, not for the long ramblings that this is going to be or if I offend someone by it, but because everything in my head is in so much chaos (pardon the pun) that I have no clue if this is even gonna make sense. But as always, I will try my best. I’m gonna try to hit everything here.

The state of wrestling lately (last month or so) has me wondering about how the business will be left in 10 years. It seems that TNA right now is more worried about taking it to the WWE and beating them as soon as they can, rather than trying to build a company that will last longer than WCW did. WCW only spent 13 years in existence. Founded in 1988, they didn't really take off till Hogan came in during the summer of 1994. Then a full year later, WCW decided to go head to head with the then WWF Raw. Labor Day of 1995 Nitro debuted. (This history lesson brought to you in full by Chaos who knows more than you do, get over it)

So why in the world would TNA decide, after only 2 months with Hogan and Bischoff in the company, to go live on every other Monday? There must be high hopes in that company. Granted, TNA's numbers have improved, a little. I don't know how, because most of TNA's core audience that brought them to the dance has left. They don't like what's going on. I can't say that I blame them. They are taking things such as the X Division and the Knockouts (which has been the highest rated segment for the show almost since they started the division in 2007 at Bound for Glory). Think about it. NO! Really! Think about this for a minute. TNA is trying to get rich off stars that WWE has made. Pope, Mr. "Don't call me Kennedy" Anderson (Who needs a new gimmick, not because it sucks, but because he is allowed to do the same crap that he did in WWE. If I was Vince I would sue them and kill them now. If that's not gimmick infringement I don't know what is.). But this is all okay I guess, because WCW did the same thing back in the day. So how mad can someone be about that? A lot apparently.

Two months into this new “era” of TNA and let’s look at a few things that are notable.
• The Knockouts Tag Team Titles
• The X Division
• Bringing in old stars
• Not capitalizing on certain wrestlers
• Changes in appearance
• Hogan and Flair wrestling
• Hogan and Bischoff running the show
I think that will do for the time being. That is going to be enough to give you a brain fart. I just had one typing that list. But I digress and move on.

For those fans that are new to TNA, THEY DO HAVE A KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM TITLE! See this is something you wouldn’t have known because they haven’t appeared or hardly made any mention of it or the women that hole those belts since the January 4th show. And let’s be honest, that match they had on the 4th was horrible. Not long enough to showcase anything. I know they had a lot going on that night, but I still feel like they missed the ball on actually showcasing the talent they had on the show that night. Way to many backstage segments. That is one reason people aren’t entertained by the SPORT of wrestling anymore. That is why it is so hard to draw on an indy show. Trust me on that, I know. But if you don’t believe me, go find Tony Dabbs and ask him. He will tell you the same thing. Or he should.

For years, TNA has had the focal point of the X Division. Now they don't even have an X Division wrestler holding the belt. They have a tag team wrestler holding it. That should change at the next ppv, if they are smart. Meaning if they are really going to do what's right, then they will put the title on Kaz and hopefully bring something back to a title that really hasn't meant much in the last 4 months. Amazing Red having the belt started off as a really good idea. I would have done it to. However they let that fizzle out after they took Don West off him. Now they promote having an all X Division ppv, which would be good, however they do not have enough X stars to draw a ppv. Some people would watch, but it wouldn’t draw like it needs to. So they changed it. No reason was given. Smart move. Why state the obvious.

The only real problem I have here is the Nasty Boys being brought in. This could have been done years ago, but for whatever reason it wasn’t. Those guys are so outta shape and have no business being there now. Not when TNA is trying to build an audience that is gonna want to watch their product. My opinion.

Now I will admit that I am a little partial on TNA not using certain people. Guilty, I am. People like Melissa Anderson. TNA missed out on a HUGE feud between Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed. Would have been a good angle, Saeed costs Kong and Hamada the tag belts, Kong goes after Saeed. If I was booking this, I could have gotten 2 months at least out of it. And that is putting it on TV every week. But TNA once again decided not to do anything with Saeed, or Anderson to those that don’t know. Sorry Melissa, Chaos still loves you, but this has to be made. Anderson also has two other very good gimmicks. I love both. I can not lie. So do I love Melissa? Maybe. Not as much as someone else I know though. This person would kill me to get to her. Oh well. What a way to go. It doesn’t matter now because she is gone from the company, and form the looks of it so is Kong. Did I also mention she can wrestle and actually make a match worth watching? If I didn’t I should have. TNA needs more women wrestler that can get a story over and can actually wrestle. I have always praised the Knockouts over the Divas of WWE, because they can make a match better. Mostly cause they are not so consumed with how they look and making sure they show as much skin as possible. So am I the only one who wants to see women that can actually wrestle and not so concerned with the “prettiest” ones being on TV or having a title? I know I’m not. So what gives? Guess I’ll let TNA answer this one. They can’t keep pissing on the loyalist of fans, because eventually they will get tired of the smell.

Notable changes in appearance have all been good. I will give them credit. Getting rid of the 6-sided ring and replacing it with a regular one was a smart move. No matter how many people don’t like it. It made sense. But it is gonna make this Ultimate X match at the Destination X ppv is going to be interesting to see. Hope they tighten the ropes up. Also the ramp leading to the ring is like old school WCW, which I always liked. So that to me is a positive. I like the new stage to. Everyone comes out of the same hole. Which breaks the assumption that the wrestlers are on opposite sides of the arena. Like it. Looks more professional. All good there. (SEE, this is not a total bashing of TNA, just what I notice).

So Hulk Hogan is wrestling this coming Monday. Wow! I really didn’t think it would happen this quick. I knew he would get back in the ring, even though he doesn’t belong in there. He even said this himself. He has to many health problems and is gonna wrestle till he dies apparently. The worst part about this is people apparently want him to kill himself for this business. It’s not worth it. Hogan even said it himself; this business is like a drug. He is an addict that needs his fix. He said he walked by a ring, touched the apron, and he was like an addict. I can understand, however I don’t approve. He shouldn’t have to get in the ring to draw an audience. TNA has a roster full of guys that can draw the show. Flair getting back into the ring in the US is just a giant middle finger to Vince. I understand that he regrets retiring, but Vince went all out for him. Its funny how people want to focus on the bad things Vince has done to the business. But come on, without Vince there would be no business. Just something to think about before you go spouting off with your words that make you look stupid.

I will end this by making a bold statement. I haven’t heard anyone else say this, so I must be the only one who thinks it. I do not think Hogan and Bischoff came in to take control of this company. I have a very hard time believing this. Maybe its because from a business standpoint it makes no sense. Unless it’s all for publicity, which I’m banking it is. Let’s make the public think that Hogan is in charge of all things TNA. I don’t buy it. Now I could be wrong, but until Dixie Carter herself calls me to Nashville and proves to me that this is all true, I stand by my statement. Thank you.

I want to take this time to answer two questions given to me by two guys on twitter. You need to check out both these guys, because they are cool. @jrayoftheyear made the statement: ROH = Pure Wrestling, WWE = Pure Entertainment with a Global Outreach, TNA = Repeating History of WCW. I couldn’t agree more. Refer to what I said earlier. It fits. Also @keiffers4 wants to know why there is not any good, long lasting, feuds anymore. One and done. Mostly because people’s attention span is at 0. Meaning that people are not gonna stay focused on something for very long. It sucks. It really does because people get bored to easily these days. It happens. Although I can’t be 1000% on that because people have been bored with Cena for years and he stays the same. So there goes my argument. Oh well, I tried.

As with that I am gonna leave you guys I spent to long on this. Watch out for a very fascinating WWE blog soon as we are on the “Road to Wrestlemania!” LOL. I will break it all down. You are warned...

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