Saturday, March 20, 2010

One Minute with Chaos Part I: Jeremy Borash

So this is my video idea concept. Just a video dedicated to a single idea or person. More will be done in the future. Also Im about to update everything and give me thoughts on Wrestlemania with it being a week out. Actually its 8 days off, if you want to be a prick about it. But still, the time is growing closer and closer. Im just hoping that WWE doesn't decide to screw us like they did last year with the Tag Team Titles unification match. Those bastards! DON'T DO THAT JUNK AGAIN! NOT COOL! We all know "Card Subject To Change" but lets be real about it. Why would you hype a match like that and then not have it on the ppv. WWE knows how to waste time, not just on the weekly shows, but apparently on ppvs now as well. Just look at Taker & HBK's entrances from last year. Even though it was done nicely, a lot of time was wasted. I could go on, but Im banking that you see my point. Anyway, enjoy the video above & let me know what you think about the concept. Also if you have any ideas, then let me know & I will do videos for the best ideas. Or the ones that fire me up the most. Always enjoy those...

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