Friday, March 26, 2010

What I like

So I just want to make it clear some of the things that I have been dedicated to over the years of my life. God, family, friends; these are things that are no secret. I mean come on, I live in the south & all of that is very important around here. What Im talking about is my hobbies. What kinda sports do I watch? What are my favorite teams? What wrestling shows do I watch, not watch? Who am I following? So allow me to clear the air, because sometimes it becomes a little fuzzy. Im also gonna list a few of my favorite followers from Twitter. All the ones list you can I tweet numerous times on a daily basis. Believe that. So pay attention & I'll get started.

So Im gonna start this off with a sport that I have watched since I was a little kid, but just mostly just causal viewing. Until 3 years ago. The NBA. Oh how I LOVE the NBA. Good stuff that NBA (and hey, I even sometimes get into a few WNBA games too, good stuff there). As a kid, like many people did back in the 90s, I was a big Bulls fan. I mean who wasn't, right? Today's Bulls are struggling to get back to the place they once were, as a franchise. But its tough when you got peeps like LBJ, Kobe, Melo, Dirk, Howard, Boston's Big 3 + Rondo, etc. NBA was really the only thing other than wrestling I loved as a kid. Now its just about everything. Although I did go through a period where I was a baseball fan, but I enjoyed playing it more than watching the MLB.

Today I have about six teams in the NBA that I cheer for. With only 2 I will cheer for over any others. Listed below are the six teams that I cherish and root for:
1. Boston Celtics
Denver Nuggets
3. Memphis Grizzlies
4. Orlando Magic
5. Miami Heat
6. Sacramento Kings

I listed the Celtics & Nuggets as a tie for one because they are my favorite two. and I hate to pull for one or the other when they are playing. Its always a good time for me, however those games only happen 2 or 3 times a year. Got to see 2 of the meetings this year. Both good games, each dominated one.

The Grizzlies are three because they are the "hometown" team. Closest team to where I live in Mississippi. So I have to get behind them. I mean. I don't, but I do. Orlando goes back to the days of Shaq & Penny Hardaway. Anyone remember him? Good player he was. Plus I love how Superman leads that team. Although I would love for the team to be centered around him, this season they seem to be moving towards Vince Carter. Good addition to the team. Miami is simple, I love watching Dwayne Wade play. I think that team is one more big player away from the NBA Finals and the Championship. Just my opinion. But I bet Shyne would agree with me.

Now for the Kings. OH MAN! I could go on for days. This is a team that I loved back in 99-2003. After the 2002 season(I think), they started getting rid of all their good players to make room. Make room for what you ask? I have no clue. They had a great team, but after coming so close to beating the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals in 2002. They were the number one seed in the west & had the best team I think in the NBA that year. But yet, Kobe denied them and it all started to fall apart. Now I still like the Kings team, even though I don't like the owners. I hate the Maloof Brothers very much. They even tried to take a team that had the rowdiest fans in the league(And most devoted, making every home game a sellout for a long time) at the time. I don't want to write about all they did. It will break my heart again. I will say that Tyreke Evans is the only reason I have still got them on my list. I hate to completely give up on them, cause I have put so much time in them.

On to football, college football is all Florida Gators. Now being from the SEC country, I like all SEC teams. But Florida is top rated in my book. Favorite in college basketball to, just so you know. Also got to give props to Notre Dame. Love the Fighting Irish. Guess its cause Im Irish. Sue me.

NFL, Ravens, Vikings(Favre & Harvin. Harvin is a former Gator. Gotta show love.).Not a huge NFL fan, but Im trying.

Tennis is all Andy Roddick & Maria Sharapova. Yeah, I went there.

Wrestling as we all know, I am all WWE. Will be probably the rest of my life. Not TNA. Not anymore. There stuff just pisses me off to much. Hate it.

ROH! (Call me)

OK so that is all your getting, cause I am just tired of doing this. Taking to long. Till next time remember, "Sometimes Chaos is the only Answer..."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wrestlemania Time Again

YES! That's right folks, it's Wrestlemania time again. This is always a special time for wrestling fans and wrestlers alike. Although if your not a WWE fan, then you pretty much have no reason to get excited. If that is you, I don't care for you. Cause let's be honest, this is the biggest stage in wrestling. If you are a wrestler & don't want to be on this show doing the one thing that you do best, you might should look at your passion. For fans, this is probably the greatest wrestling experience that one will ever have. There is so much going on during the weekend that even a casual fan would have an experience of a lifetime. Now I could go on & on about how good the weekend is & what all you can do during it. But Im not gonna write about that. Cause most fans will never get to experience this, although it is something that every fan needs to do. This is gonna be about the main even of the weekend. The ultimate showcase of wrestling, & I know that a lot could argue with that. As could I. But anyway, Im gonna do my best to cover all the matches that is taking place this Sunday to best of my abilities. I am also going to say, that this year the WWE is giving the best Hall of Fame that they have ever done. But I plan on writing a whole blog about that later. So be on the look out. Let's go down the card. Im gonna start off with the under card and finish with the main events.

Match 1
Triple Threat: Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton vs Ted Dibiase
Im gonna start this off with the Triple Threat because this is months in the making. Since last July, the WWE Universe (yeah I actually said that, Im shocked too) has been teased with a Legacy split. After the Elimination Chamber PPV we all knew that this was coming to a head. Legacy has cost Randy the WWE Title on so many occasions, first against Cena, then Sheamus, and then Dibiase pinning him in the chamber, it makes perfect sense to have this match on the grandest stage of the year for the WWE. Randy has that ability to make everything he touches special. Not every wrestler has that ability. Take for instance Cody Rhodes. If he was not aligned with Orton for the past 18 months or so and now in this heated feud, would anyone care about him. I mean not many people care to much about his brother. Or ever really did, although he is a great talent that I think has been misused. **Sidebar: Go find a match between Goldust and Chris Jericho from WWE Superstars a few weeks ago. It is a great old school match. Wish they were all like that.** Anyway, Randy can make this special. Of course you got to expect that during this match, the members of Legacy are going to be engaged in a heated battle within the war that this has become. These two stars are only going to shine even brighter in the years to come. This is going to be their first Wrestlemania that they are actually competing on. So the nerves have got to be there, but Im banking that once the bell rings and the adrenaline takes over, that will be a mute point. These guys deserve to be there, and with Randy leading the way, this match has the chance to become one of the top WM matches ever; non title classic of course.

Match 2
Triple H vs Sheamus
Now this match is one that I feel like was just put together to help lift Sheamus' confidence and make him a stand out star. For those that are in the know, these two men have become close in the last few months. They both work out together & I can see Trips as being some what of a mentor to him. And Trips must think highly of him to actually want to work a mid-card match with him at WM. I mean think about it. Since WM 18, ever time Trips has been healthy to compete, he has competed for a world title. Let's look at this:
WM 18 - vs Chris Jericho for the Undisputed WWE Title
WM 19 - vs Booker T for the World Heavyweight Title
WM 20 - vs HBK & Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Title
WM 21 - vs Batista for the World Heavyweight Title
WM 22 - vs John Cena for the WWE Title
WM 23 - Out with an injury
WM 24 - vs Randy Orton & John Cena for the WWE Title
WM 25 - vs Randy Orton for the WWE Title
So I mean he has got to see something special in the first ever "Irish Born WWE Champion." This could either be very special, or very disappointing. But knowing Trips, I bet it is gonna wind up being a very interesting match to say the least. WWE is hoping, as am I, that this match is going to make this guy a star. As if winning the WWE Title in his first year wasn't good enough, this could be the cherry on top.

Match 3
Street Fight: CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
Now I just love what WWE is doing with CM Punk. How much of this is his idea, who knows? But I love it. This is Punk at his best. This is still going to be a very special match for both these guys. Not much of a high profile match, but still something I think will become a hidden gem. More or less because of the overall storyline with Punk. Although the angle picked up steam a few weeks ago with that little spot on Smackdown. Getting personal with a story to me is always gold. Makes it more real, even if its not. Like I said, a classic gem that will be forgotten about by many until it makes a "Best of CM Punk" WWE dvd. Should be good.

Match 4
Unified Tag Team Championship: Big Show & The Miz(c) vs. John Morrison & R-Truth
Just a filler match that is going to end up being probably one of the top 3 matches on the card. I mean just look at who is in it. I don't see the titles changing, but I could be wrong. All I can say about this though is that its gonna be a great match and have a wild finish. I can see it now. But I think WWE is using this as a filler match for the most part. And they know they pissed a lot of people off last year. Still can't believe they did that.

Match 5
Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Kane vs Christian vs MVP vs Shelton Benjamin vs Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger vs Matt Hardy vs Evan Bourne vs Dolph Ziggler
WOW! So this match is full of guys that is ready to jump into that main event spot. Guys that should win this are Kane, Christian, Hardy, MVP, and Shelton. They deserve it the most. Im gonna feel cheated if none of these guys win it. Guys like Kofi, Dolph, and Swagger are right there. They could win it, and get thrust into the spotlight at any time. I don't need to say anything about this, because the ending is the end all beat all to this match. The winner is what is gonna make this match good. Period.

Match 6
No Holds Barred: Bret Hart vs. Mr. McMahon
13 years in the making, going all the way back to the Montreal Screwjob. I mean what can I say about this that hasn't already been said a 1,000 times, either by WWE or other 3rd parties. This has been long coming and I am excited for it. Word has it that Bret is not going to wear his trademark pink & black tights. I think it is cause he is so outta shape that he is embarrassed to wear them. I can understand. Seems to me like he has had plenty of time to work on his body, although seeing he is older now, been outta the ring for a decade, and has suffered a stroke, the fact that he is even attempting to get back in the ring is a miracle. Think about that for a little while. Bret ending his career is the main reason I hate Bill Goldberg. Just saying. Look it up.

Match 7
Career vs the Streak: Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker
Now let's look back to last year. The match that won match of the year. Now just watching that match again not to long ago, I can honestly say that it wasn't all that great, but still pretty good. I think it was one of those that was better in the moment. This year it is all on the line, Taker's streak and Shawn's career. I for one have no clue how this is gonna end, but after the history these two have had, it is certain to be really good either way. Beating Taker will just add to HBK's legend. I mean we all know he is going into the Hall of Fame anyway one day. Could be as soon as next year. Maybe. I still think it should be a few years away. Although Taker is coming up on the end of his career as well. If this is HBK's last match, at least for the foreseeable future, all I have to say is that he served us all well. I mean after all he has given to this business, if he decides to step down on his own terms, then its all good. Lots of guys can't do it that way. To walk away on your own is something that many hope for, but very few achieve. This match is going to be special either way. Fans should buy the ppv for this and the Bret/Vince match alone. But we are still not done.

Match 8
World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Jericho(c) vs. Edge
In the match that really should be the main event of the event, but will probably fall in the semi main spot, You have the brass and arrogant Chris Jericho vs Edge. The Rated-R Superstar has numerous monikers, the ultimate opportunist is the one I like best. I feel like winning the Royal Rumble after coming back from an injury is the thing that is gonna give Edge the nod & the title in this match. Plus Smackdown is lacking a little in main event talent, so it makes sense to have him win & continue this feud. So that's my two cents. I really think that these two can have a really good match. Should be a classic bout between two guys that should end as Hall of Famers by the end of their careers as well.

Match 9
WWE Championship: Batista (c) vs John Cena
In what Im sure is gonna end up being an all out fight. I really don't think this is going to a scientific match by no means. Mostly because neither of them work that way for the most part. The feud between these two has been a long time in the making. All the way back at WM 21 when they both won separate World Titles, I knew that one day it would work out to where they would have a match for one of the titles on the biggest stage of the year. Batista has really come into his own as a heel since winning the WWE Title. When he won the title at the EC ppv, i thought it was kinda genius. I mean no one could have saw that coming. Except me. If I was paying attention. But I was certain that Sheamus would somehow come out with the title, face Triple H and be made into the superstar the company wants. However that didn't happen & now we are left with this instead. I don't think its a bad choice. Again, its not gonna be a scientific match by no means, but an all out fight. Should still be entertaining.

My predictions for Wrestlemania area as follows:
Randy Orton
CM Punk
Drew McIntyre
Taker - expect some kind of swerve
Bret Hart

Biggest prediction of all, Drew McIntyre cashes in the Money in the Bank Breifcase on Edge. If he both win, count on it. So that is all folks, I'll see you next time & remember, Sometimes Chaos is the only Answer...

Also I will leave you with my latest video. I talk respect for a few guys in particular. Check it out yo...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

One Minute with Chaos Part I: Jeremy Borash

So this is my video idea concept. Just a video dedicated to a single idea or person. More will be done in the future. Also Im about to update everything and give me thoughts on Wrestlemania with it being a week out. Actually its 8 days off, if you want to be a prick about it. But still, the time is growing closer and closer. Im just hoping that WWE doesn't decide to screw us like they did last year with the Tag Team Titles unification match. Those bastards! DON'T DO THAT JUNK AGAIN! NOT COOL! We all know "Card Subject To Change" but lets be real about it. Why would you hype a match like that and then not have it on the ppv. WWE knows how to waste time, not just on the weekly shows, but apparently on ppvs now as well. Just look at Taker & HBK's entrances from last year. Even though it was done nicely, a lot of time was wasted. I could go on, but Im banking that you see my point. Anyway, enjoy the video above & let me know what you think about the concept. Also if you have any ideas, then let me know & I will do videos for the best ideas. Or the ones that fire me up the most. Always enjoy those...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So this is TNA....

So I have decided to finally crawl out of the hole I have been in the past month plus and talk about something that is one of the focal parts of my life. That would be wrestling, in case you are new here. I want to apologize in advance, not for the long ramblings that this is going to be or if I offend someone by it, but because everything in my head is in so much chaos (pardon the pun) that I have no clue if this is even gonna make sense. But as always, I will try my best. I’m gonna try to hit everything here.

The state of wrestling lately (last month or so) has me wondering about how the business will be left in 10 years. It seems that TNA right now is more worried about taking it to the WWE and beating them as soon as they can, rather than trying to build a company that will last longer than WCW did. WCW only spent 13 years in existence. Founded in 1988, they didn't really take off till Hogan came in during the summer of 1994. Then a full year later, WCW decided to go head to head with the then WWF Raw. Labor Day of 1995 Nitro debuted. (This history lesson brought to you in full by Chaos who knows more than you do, get over it)

So why in the world would TNA decide, after only 2 months with Hogan and Bischoff in the company, to go live on every other Monday? There must be high hopes in that company. Granted, TNA's numbers have improved, a little. I don't know how, because most of TNA's core audience that brought them to the dance has left. They don't like what's going on. I can't say that I blame them. They are taking things such as the X Division and the Knockouts (which has been the highest rated segment for the show almost since they started the division in 2007 at Bound for Glory). Think about it. NO! Really! Think about this for a minute. TNA is trying to get rich off stars that WWE has made. Pope, Mr. "Don't call me Kennedy" Anderson (Who needs a new gimmick, not because it sucks, but because he is allowed to do the same crap that he did in WWE. If I was Vince I would sue them and kill them now. If that's not gimmick infringement I don't know what is.). But this is all okay I guess, because WCW did the same thing back in the day. So how mad can someone be about that? A lot apparently.

Two months into this new “era” of TNA and let’s look at a few things that are notable.
• The Knockouts Tag Team Titles
• The X Division
• Bringing in old stars
• Not capitalizing on certain wrestlers
• Changes in appearance
• Hogan and Flair wrestling
• Hogan and Bischoff running the show
I think that will do for the time being. That is going to be enough to give you a brain fart. I just had one typing that list. But I digress and move on.

For those fans that are new to TNA, THEY DO HAVE A KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM TITLE! See this is something you wouldn’t have known because they haven’t appeared or hardly made any mention of it or the women that hole those belts since the January 4th show. And let’s be honest, that match they had on the 4th was horrible. Not long enough to showcase anything. I know they had a lot going on that night, but I still feel like they missed the ball on actually showcasing the talent they had on the show that night. Way to many backstage segments. That is one reason people aren’t entertained by the SPORT of wrestling anymore. That is why it is so hard to draw on an indy show. Trust me on that, I know. But if you don’t believe me, go find Tony Dabbs and ask him. He will tell you the same thing. Or he should.

For years, TNA has had the focal point of the X Division. Now they don't even have an X Division wrestler holding the belt. They have a tag team wrestler holding it. That should change at the next ppv, if they are smart. Meaning if they are really going to do what's right, then they will put the title on Kaz and hopefully bring something back to a title that really hasn't meant much in the last 4 months. Amazing Red having the belt started off as a really good idea. I would have done it to. However they let that fizzle out after they took Don West off him. Now they promote having an all X Division ppv, which would be good, however they do not have enough X stars to draw a ppv. Some people would watch, but it wouldn’t draw like it needs to. So they changed it. No reason was given. Smart move. Why state the obvious.

The only real problem I have here is the Nasty Boys being brought in. This could have been done years ago, but for whatever reason it wasn’t. Those guys are so outta shape and have no business being there now. Not when TNA is trying to build an audience that is gonna want to watch their product. My opinion.

Now I will admit that I am a little partial on TNA not using certain people. Guilty, I am. People like Melissa Anderson. TNA missed out on a HUGE feud between Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed. Would have been a good angle, Saeed costs Kong and Hamada the tag belts, Kong goes after Saeed. If I was booking this, I could have gotten 2 months at least out of it. And that is putting it on TV every week. But TNA once again decided not to do anything with Saeed, or Anderson to those that don’t know. Sorry Melissa, Chaos still loves you, but this has to be made. Anderson also has two other very good gimmicks. I love both. I can not lie. So do I love Melissa? Maybe. Not as much as someone else I know though. This person would kill me to get to her. Oh well. What a way to go. It doesn’t matter now because she is gone from the company, and form the looks of it so is Kong. Did I also mention she can wrestle and actually make a match worth watching? If I didn’t I should have. TNA needs more women wrestler that can get a story over and can actually wrestle. I have always praised the Knockouts over the Divas of WWE, because they can make a match better. Mostly cause they are not so consumed with how they look and making sure they show as much skin as possible. So am I the only one who wants to see women that can actually wrestle and not so concerned with the “prettiest” ones being on TV or having a title? I know I’m not. So what gives? Guess I’ll let TNA answer this one. They can’t keep pissing on the loyalist of fans, because eventually they will get tired of the smell.

Notable changes in appearance have all been good. I will give them credit. Getting rid of the 6-sided ring and replacing it with a regular one was a smart move. No matter how many people don’t like it. It made sense. But it is gonna make this Ultimate X match at the Destination X ppv is going to be interesting to see. Hope they tighten the ropes up. Also the ramp leading to the ring is like old school WCW, which I always liked. So that to me is a positive. I like the new stage to. Everyone comes out of the same hole. Which breaks the assumption that the wrestlers are on opposite sides of the arena. Like it. Looks more professional. All good there. (SEE, this is not a total bashing of TNA, just what I notice).

So Hulk Hogan is wrestling this coming Monday. Wow! I really didn’t think it would happen this quick. I knew he would get back in the ring, even though he doesn’t belong in there. He even said this himself. He has to many health problems and is gonna wrestle till he dies apparently. The worst part about this is people apparently want him to kill himself for this business. It’s not worth it. Hogan even said it himself; this business is like a drug. He is an addict that needs his fix. He said he walked by a ring, touched the apron, and he was like an addict. I can understand, however I don’t approve. He shouldn’t have to get in the ring to draw an audience. TNA has a roster full of guys that can draw the show. Flair getting back into the ring in the US is just a giant middle finger to Vince. I understand that he regrets retiring, but Vince went all out for him. Its funny how people want to focus on the bad things Vince has done to the business. But come on, without Vince there would be no business. Just something to think about before you go spouting off with your words that make you look stupid.

I will end this by making a bold statement. I haven’t heard anyone else say this, so I must be the only one who thinks it. I do not think Hogan and Bischoff came in to take control of this company. I have a very hard time believing this. Maybe its because from a business standpoint it makes no sense. Unless it’s all for publicity, which I’m banking it is. Let’s make the public think that Hogan is in charge of all things TNA. I don’t buy it. Now I could be wrong, but until Dixie Carter herself calls me to Nashville and proves to me that this is all true, I stand by my statement. Thank you.

I want to take this time to answer two questions given to me by two guys on twitter. You need to check out both these guys, because they are cool. @jrayoftheyear made the statement: ROH = Pure Wrestling, WWE = Pure Entertainment with a Global Outreach, TNA = Repeating History of WCW. I couldn’t agree more. Refer to what I said earlier. It fits. Also @keiffers4 wants to know why there is not any good, long lasting, feuds anymore. One and done. Mostly because people’s attention span is at 0. Meaning that people are not gonna stay focused on something for very long. It sucks. It really does because people get bored to easily these days. It happens. Although I can’t be 1000% on that because people have been bored with Cena for years and he stays the same. So there goes my argument. Oh well, I tried.

As with that I am gonna leave you guys I spent to long on this. Watch out for a very fascinating WWE blog soon as we are on the “Road to Wrestlemania!” LOL. I will break it all down. You are warned...