Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Espy's

So after months of silence I am back to bring you my predictions on how the Espy's will turn out. Granted, I think that a few notable people were left off the ballots for certain awards, however we are gonna over look that and just go straight to the predictions. Keep in mind that some of these I just took a shot in the dark at seeing how I am not knowledgeable of EVERY category that is listed. Such as best bowler, best paralympic athlete, best athlete with a disability or even best female golfer. Sue me. I can't be expected to know everything about everything. But I try. So here it is. Enjoy...

The Espy Awards 2010: Chaos’s Predictions

1. Best Male Athlete: Kobe Bryant
2. Best Female Athlete: Maya Moore
3. Best Championship Performance: Shaun White
4. Best Breakthrough Athlete: Chris Johnson
5. Best Record-Breaking Performance: John Isner and Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon, Longest match in Tennis history
6. Best Upset: Frankie Edgar over B.J. Penn, MMA
7. Best Game: Duke gets past Butler in Men's NCAA Championship
8. Best Moment: New Orleans Saints, Super Bowl XLIV
9. Best Team: Connecticut Women's Basketball
10. Castrol Edge Performance Under Pressure: Brett Favre in his Return to Green Bay
11. Best Sports Movie: The Blind Side
12. Best Coach/Manager: Geno Auriemma, Connecticut Women's Basketball
13. Best MLB Player: Albert Pujols, St. Louis
14. Best NFL Player: Drew Brees, New Orleans
15. Best NHL Player: Alexander Ovechkin, Washington
16. Best Driver: Kyle Busch
17. Best NBA Player: Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers
18. Best WNBA Player: Candace Parker, Los Angeles
19. Best Fighter: Georges St. Pierre
20. Best Male Golfer: Phil Mickelson
21. Best Female Golfer: Cristie Kerr
22. Best Male Tennis Player: Rafael Nadal
23. Best Female Tennis Player: Serena Williams
24. Best College Male Athlete: Evan Turner, Ohio State Basketball
25. Best College Female Athlete: Maya Moore, Connecticut Women's Basketball
26. Best Male Action Sport Athlete: Shaun White, Snowboarding
27. Best Female Action Sport Athlete: Torah Bright, Snowboarding
28. Best Jockey: Calvin Borel
29. Best Male Athlete With A Disability: Steve Cash
30. Best Female Athlete With A Disability: Linnea Dohring
31. Best Bowler: Kelly Kulick
32. Best Male US Olympic Athlete: Shaun White, Snowboarding
33. Best Female US Olympic Athlete: Lindsey Vonn, Skiing
34. Best MLS Player: Landon Donovan, Los Angeles
35. Best Track & Field Athlete: Usain Bolt