Wednesday, February 16, 2011


As you can see, Chaos is back in the saddle! Been a lot going on since I last blogged, so im gonna try to update everyone on all things.

TNA is still having problems. Like they always have been. This wrestling company has since made a lot of good moves, but a lot of bad ones as well. Including giving a ppv like card free on Spike TV and using the actual ppv to have one last ECW reunion. Im as much a mark as I have always been for ECW, or Extreme Championship Wrestling for those not in the know. But I thought that them giving a ppv devoted to them was bad. But it did work to further a huge storyline involving Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff, so I guess it was actually good in the long run. I still would have done the show & made it DVD only. They would have gotten a lot of money off dvd sales, but anyway. Immortal was born & Jeff Hardy turned on fans for the first time ever, which reminded me of when Hogan did it to form the n.W.o. back in 1996 during the WCW days. It was over then & the idea still works. Still waiting on WWE to do something like that with John Cena.

Which brings me to WWE. John Cena hasn't been the WWE champ for many months now, which is still good for the long term of his career. But they doesn't mean they haven't kept him out of the main events of many ppvs. Randy Orton held the reigns of the WWE title for many months until the Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to grant him a title match. He won the title has been doing a great job with the run so far. Looks as if the reign will last until WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta, but who's really to know for sure.

My former youtube account has been all but shut down in the last 3 weeks to make room for a new one. Please go add the new channel on your own youtube channel. The link is:
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Keep up to date on both sites as I update very often. In less than 3 weeks with my new youtube account I have already uploaded over 20 videos. Lots more to come this weekend.

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