Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Strikeforce Challenger Series

Just to give a little info on the tournament that strikeforce is having tomorrow night on the challenger series. The 4 women in question are Miesha "Takedown" Tate, Hitomi Akano, Carina Damm, & Maiju Kujala. Now I do not know much about any of these women, so I did the responsible thing adn did some research on them all. First one I looked into was Miesha Tate.

Now I have seen Miesha fight Sara Kaufman a few months ago from a fight that took place back in may of 09. It was the first time the Kaufman was taken the distance in a fight. Which was pretty awesome. Kaufman is an amazing female fighter & Tate took all she had & wouldn't stay down in the first round. Second round Tate dominated with take downs & wrestling in the cage. Third round Tate tried to keep up the work with the take downs as it worked in the second but she was to tired after the hard work in the fight & Kaufman won by decision. Skip ahead to March of this year when Tate took on Zoila Frausto. Tate had worked more on her standing game, which was obvious in the first round. But the second round Frausto nailed some impressive front kicks. Once it went to the mat it looked to be all but over & it was onloy a matter of time before Tate won it with an armbar. Tate is very impressive & I can't wait to see her fight on Friday night.

Second round of that fight can be see here:

The other 3 fighters were hard to find good, quality fights. Also, the ones I saw, unless I over looked one, were not in English. Of course, I am backing the only American in the tournament. May be biased, but I don't have time to put in the effort like I need to. With the internet being unpredictable, its hard to do a lot of video research, which with MMA is what is best. But still tune in, because im sure it is going to be a hell of a night of action. Should be great.

Also real quick, I started a hashtag on twitter called #ItShouldBeAManLaw. Got the idea from Jimmy Fallon, who is always doing all sorts of different hashtags on twitter. So if you have any good ones, tweet them to the world & try to mention my name @theanswerchaos &/or @jimmyfallon so he will see them & hopefully it will make his show. Would be really awesome if that could happen...

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