Friday, February 18, 2011

Melo, Melo, Melo-drama!

Well here we are, the All Star Break & still have no idea on how this Carmelo Anthony trade is going to go down. So, I figured I would take a shot at it. Now remember, I am a Denver Nuggets fan & more importantly a Carmelo Anthony fan, so this might come off as a little biased. But those who know me know I could careless. Let's move on.

Carmelo Anthony started out the season like he has over the last 7 years as a member of the Denver Nuggets. This time was different though. He was unhappy & wanted out. He demanded to be traded & looked to New York as his place of destination. Now we are all sick of the Melo drama by now, so I'm just gonna bore you here with more facts. Cause as always, facts are what tell the story.

Here is what a Denver/New Jersey trade would like when everything was said & done.
Nets get:
  • Anthony
  • Billups
  • Williams
  • M. Ely
  • R. Balkman
Now the Nuggets would get in this trade:
  • D. Harris
  • D. Favors
  • T. Murphy
  • B. Uzoh
  • 4 1st Round Draft Picks
Of course this trade only works if Melo signs that 3 year $65 Million Contract Extension. This scenario works on many levels for the Nuggets. They are taking all of New Jersey's shooters & more plus taking 4 1st round draft picks the Nets have acquired this season. Looks good huh? Nets may have be willing to give them up getting Melo, Billups & Williams who could be a great big man in the league with the right tools worked on. However, think about Melo for a minute. Just look at this trade & tell me how things would look for Melo. In my opinion, he should just stay where he is, cause the Nets would still have to rebuild the whole team to even try to compete. Moving on.

Now the Knicks. This is the trade that a lot of people want to see happen. I know one New Yorker who would love it matter of fact. But the trade looks off a bit. But let's look at it.
Knicks would get:
  • Anthony
  • Billups
  • And other role players (Your guess is as good as mine)
And the Nuggets would look like this:
  • R. Felton
  • D. Gallinari
  • W. Chandler
  • E. Curry
  • A 1st Round Draft Pick
Now this trade also looks good for Denver. But think again if Melo was to go. Unless the Nuggets was to send Afflalo or maybe Lawson to New York with them, it doesn't look good for Melo & the new look New York Knicks. Sending your best players, after Amare, away is not going to swoop Melo off his feet. Remember, he is an NBA player. Which means that he eventually wants to compete for a title. But how many years would it take for them to do so if the trade was made. The east is so stacked now, that the Knicks still wouldn't be able to compete, much less beat them in any playoff match up. Celtics, Heat (as bad as I hate to say it), the Bulls & the Magic all would them in any playoff match. Again, I think Melo should just stay put.

Now let me throw on more piece of info out that no one seems to be talking about anymore. Melo's wife, Lala. OH LA LA LA LALA! Just look at that pic & tell me other wise. (Editor's note: Sorry Melo, but given the chance, she could see why my name is Chaos, just saying.) Now she needs to be close to New York. She is an actress & does most of her work outta the city that never sleeps. So think about it. Who's idea REALLY was it for him to leave Denver? If a man is smart, he will make his wife happy. Or be divorced. I've seen it a million times. Trust me. She may not be yelling at him to make the move, but I bet you all of the $65 million that is on the table that she put a bug in his ear. Women are like that. But we all still do what they want & love them anyway. Right?

Melo just needs to think long & hard about how he wants this to end. And it needs to end soon. Fact is, if he doesn't sign with one of these 3 teams before the season is over, he is going to lose out on a LOT of money. With the CBA trying to get players contracts down & no one wanting to budge just yet, the NFL might not be the only sport we have to do without in the fall of 2011. But then again, what do I know? I'm just a mere moral, maybe...

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