Thursday, January 7, 2010

Texas & Bama...

After watching the National Championship for college football I am left with two different opinions. I live the SEC but I hate Alabama. No real dilemma though. I pulled for Texas to win the title for two reasons. The first was that I picked Florida and Texas to play for the title. Florida because the Gators are my favorite college team, no matter what sport, and Texas because I felt like they were cheated last year. Well Florida loses to Alabama but Texas makes it. BARELY. Its cool though. The second reason I pulled for Texas cause I don't like Alabama. But I already covered that.

Two big things caught my eye during this game (besides that Mark Ingram is a beast). The game might have went differently had Colt not went down. Still looks bogus to me, but whatever. The second was that Alabama still has no class. Its not enough for them to win, but taunting the other team, while the game is still going on is not something I approve of. That would be reason #1 I don't like Bama. Oh well. Some people are just like that.

In all honesty, Bama is going to be the team to beat next year in the SEC, maybe in the whole BCS. Who knows? They could be back next year playing for a national title. It does help the SEC that they won though, which I guess is why some of the most hardcore Gator fans I know were cheering for Bama tonight. Anything for the SEC I guess. Im neither for or against this. So whatever happens, happens.

But I will always be a Florida Gator! Nothing will ever change that...

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