Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chuck: the Fans vs NBC

So anyone that is keeping up with me on twitter or facebook, they will tell you that I have spent the last few weeks obsessing over the TV series Chuck that comes on NBC. Chuck is that show that represents something a lot guys wish was their life. Being a CIA spy and having a smoking hot CIA agent as your girlfriend. Even if this one happens to be a pretend one. Even though its not so much one. This show, in my opinion as well as millions more, is probably the best show on TV right now. The fact is, it almost ended right before our eyes. Late last season it was announced that Chuck had been canceled after season 2. Whether it was canceled or just not renewed, it all means the same thing to fans. There would be no more Chuck. And just when it was starting to kick some serious ass.

Move to the night of the season 2 finale. A lot of Chuck fans had already been given the news that the series was not being brought back for a 3rd season. Many fans flocked to Subway on that night, one of the main sponsors of the show. It was kind of a ground movement with Subway to get the show renewed. It worked. Fans demonstrated that they can get things done, by banding together and focusing for a common goal. SAVE CHUCK! Glad it worked. The season 2 finale was a decent show up to the point after Ellie, Chuck's sister, gets married to Captain Awesome. Then things heat up and the story moves forward as if the next season was going to happen. Which now it is.

I think it is the appropriate time for everyone to go to this link:
This is going to catch everyone up on anything they might have missed. I decided to just add the link instead of explaining it all myself. I think Give Me My Remote ( did a better job explaining it then I could. Videos are included, but a very detailed explanation is also given, for those that can't watch the videos.

Chuck season 3 begins tonight on NBC. A special 2-hour premiere starts at 9/8c! You better believe I am going to be watching. The question now is, will you...

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