Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Introduced, Promoted, Gone

So after many months on twitter getting to know some very cool people (my cool people blog post will come later on in the very near future, cause you need to follow these people too), I came across this one chick. WrestleBunny ( Cool chick. Huge wrestling fan, but even bigger TNA fan. Which is cool to see. Anyway, she has some cool tweets and does a lot of videos for youtube ( She did a video a few days ago asking fans of TNA to choose 3 people; 1 to be introduced to TNA, 1 to be promoted in TNA, and the last 1 to be gone or fired from TNA. I watched it, didn't think much about it. But then I watched it again. Got me to thinking, so now I present to you Introduced, Promoted, & Gone from TNA. These are views expressed by Chris Chaos and Chris Chaos alone. However if you disagree with these views, who cares? No asked you and I will get Panda to slap you. (Refer to WrestleBunny to understand that one, and then get slapped for not knowing...)

Introduced - After much deliberation, and a smoke, I have decided that there is one clear cut choice for this answer. Teddy Hart. The nephew of Hall of Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart and one of the last members from the TRUE Hart Dynasty. Anyone who has seen this dude wrestle knows how great he is at what he does. I mean if you need any convincing then check out this video:
Dude is also great on the stick, which according to Hogan is something that everyone needs to be great at. Case in point: but be forewarned that he a very unique delivery, probably no one likes him and definitely the reason everyone should.
Also he has a passion for the business. Need proof, well okay then:
Teddy Hart, yeah, he needs to be in there. Forget about his past "incidents" and just do the right thing. Teddy Hart is going to be a living legend, if he doesn't kill himself entertaining the fans first. Dude is crazy, but guaranteed to leave everything he has in the ring. Better believe that.

Promoted: the Motor City Machine Guns. Think about, who on TNA put on the best matches every time they get in the ring? Who works the hardest to make sure the fans get what they paid for? Ok, i know what your thinking. So does Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. But let's be real for a minute. How much more can they be promoted without owning TNA? I mean come on. The Guns also get put in matches to make others look good. Case in point the match they just had on TV last week against the debuting Young Bucks, or Generation ME as they are now going by in TNA. How awesome was that match? No video proof needed here, as anyone who knows and follows TNA can attest, they are two of the most under rated guys there. Even when it looks like they are getting a push, there is no build up for it. Anyone remember the 2 tag title matches they had last year on PPV? If you do I'm surprised. The first one was turned into a triple threat that had no point of them even being in there, and the second one was just booked very badly. I think point made on this one.

Gone: Lacey Von Erich. For someone who comes from a wrestling family with a great tradition and legacy, you wouldn't know it by the way she walks around TNA. Rumor has it that this whole wrestling thing is a joke to her. Which makes sense seeing you never see her in the ring. She is only there to make the other 2 look good. Which she does. Did anyone see her debut in TNA? She looked horrible. And weak. I thought "the Claw" thing was a nice touch, but she even made that look horrible. And hasn't done it since, which is probably a good thing. She has only been in one match on TV since then that I can recall and was only in there for maybe 15 seconds top. She took no bumps, and the only moves she did was choking someone in the corner. That and tossing her hair back. Guess she wants to be Maryse. Anyway, I would think that if anyone, she would be taking this job seriously. I mean there has got to be maybe 1000 women wrestlers that would love to be in her spot. Hopefully this thing between Angel and TBP turns into TNA firing her and Angel taking back her place in TBP. But who knows.

So that is it. Its fairly simply, at least to me. I mean, for those 3 questions, those 3 answers stands WAY out to me. But what do I know. I only have wrestling in my blood...

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