Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bret vs Hogan

Bret "the Hitman" Hart & Hulk Hogan are two of the most notably famous wrestlers ever. Even people who are not wrestling fans know who both men are. But let's be honest, probably Hogan more. Now these two have a storied career, but not with each other. Not in the ring anyway. As many of you probably know by now they have been having a war of words on Twitter the last few days & of course it is making news online. Why wouldn't it? Two of the most well known wrestlers ever, some say two of the greatest, it should make news.

Bret Hart was holding kind of a Q&A through his Twitter, answering fans questions with no limitations on what he cold say. Bret was asked about TNA & said he would have Hogan & Bischoff tar & feathered. Which is funny, but not the point. He was then asked specifically asked about Hogan & said this: "Hogan's nothing but a two-faced, backstabbing, steroid freak who deserved everything he got." Of course the all mighty Hulk Hogan with the largest pythons in the world, lol, wasn't going to take that. He replied: "Listen to where Bretts speaking from,it's funny he's done everything he's saying I did." Now my reading of that is funny cause I would trust Bret's character over Hogan's any day of the week. I know way to much about both men to see it any differently. Bret replied with the following: "@HulkHogan4Real That's not what John Graziano thinks, dickhead."

Now I can pinpoint this hatred all the way back to one incident. Wrestlemania IX. Bret was the champ & there was great build up for his match with the late Yokozuna. And it was a decent match for what is was. Yoko was the first man to win the Rumble & go on to WM to face the champion. He also beat Bret & won the title. But then there was Hogan. Claimed on TV to be best friends as both were face & the evil Mr. Fuji invited Hogan in the ring to challenge for the belt. Then he won it in like less than a minute. Big leg drop & that was it. (Looking back I can see why that WM is considered one of the worst. Just for that.)

It was all set up, supposedly, for Hogan & Bret to do battle at that year's Sumerslam & Hogan was going to pass the torch if you will to the Hitman. I say supposedly cause I read that on wikipedia about 2 years ago & have no clue how true it was. It might be in Bret's book, which I still can't find a copy of around here. Guess I need to order it. (Bret if you read this, send me one. I need to read it.)

Then Hogan went on a radio show years later & talked about the Montreal Screwjob, which has been made famous on YouTube. Check it out.

Now only time will tell how Hogan's stay in TNA Wrestling plays out. For the first year he has been there, they really haven't done anything. Most of the story lines have been bad & most things they do don't make sense. As least to me. But then again, what do I know? A lot. I'm smart. Only because of the vast research I have done on the wrestling business. But that will probably still be argued by everyone until the end of time. Or till I die. Which ever comes first...

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